Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Forcing Owners To Shut Up

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In an attempt to prevent further damage after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung has shot itself in the foot by forcing its customers to keep quiet about any defective device from the brand lest they face the full force of its legal arm.

Unfortunately for Samsung, a Singaporean man is having none of that, as he refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which required him to stay silent about the faulty Galaxy S7 Edge he was looking to replace late last month.

Phone Arena revealed that this customer’s device overheated less than a week after he purchased it, so he went back to Samsung for an exchange as it was still under warranty. Then out came the NDA, which, if not signed, meant that he wouldn’t get a replacement for his phone.

So he didn’t sign it, and as a result was denied a new Galaxy S7 Edge. He then took to emailing Samsung about the issue, to which there was no reply. When he brought his complaint to the Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook page, he was told that it was standard practice to have the NDA.

Having this brought to light when the Galaxy S8 is making its debut surely wouldn’t work in Samsung’s favor, but is the company concerned? Looking at how little the Galaxy Note 7 chaos has damaged its reputation, we don’t think so.