Samsung Galaxy S7: Focussing On The Cons

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The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 might be the best smartphone in the tech market right now but it is still wrong to call it perfect. The device saw the return of several great features such as the microSD card slot but it still has some flaws that you should know about.

One of our readers shared with us that the Galaxy S7 tends to heat up rather too quickly and this happened right after he unboxes and switched on the smartphone. This reminded us of the overheating issue on the Galaxy Note 5 but a software update from Samsung was able to fix it. Perhaps, Samsung will introduce something similar in the near future.

The other problem found was with the microSD card. Our reader claims that he has already mounted the external storage card but the notification claiming SD card inserted keeps on popping up on the notification panel. Perhaps, this is also another software issue and a simple update can fix it.

At the moment, the above are the only problems we know about the latest Galaxy S7. If you have encountered something similar or found a different set of problems with the S7, do share it with us in the comments section below.