Samsung Galaxy S7 Is More Secured Than Apple & Blackberry!

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Smartphones today are more secured than they ever were thanks to the addition of new features such as fingerprint scanner. The latter is now considered as a common offering today but it is the Samsung Galaxy S7 that has the best fingerprint scanner when compared to other devices.

We say so because the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S7 can be used on other parts of the body aside from your fingers. Several Galaxy S7 owners have experimented with the security tool and they shared with us that the feature can also identify nipples, ear lobes and even testicles.

In other words, you can lock the Galaxy S7 with your sensitive body parts, something which thieves can never anticipate. The only problem with doing so is that it will make the Galaxy S7 so secure that it can get tedious to use the device.

After all, who would want to slide their S7 inside their pants to unlock the phone while waiting for a bus at a busy bus stop?