Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini: Is There Still Hope?

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We are already approaching the month of October and judging from Samsung’s product release pattern, we are not expecting to see the tech giant releasing a new major smartphone to wrap up 2016.

However, the rumours are suggesting otherwise when they started claiming that a new major device is already in the works and it is scheduled to arrive in November this year. The biggest shocker of them all is that the smartphone will be called the Galaxy S7 Mini.

We are surprised because the Mini nameplate has been absent for a couple of years already. Also, the Galaxy S7 has been out for several months now hence it may be too late to see another S7 variant getting released this late in the year.

The rumours explained that Samsung has made a last minute change to their line-up after suffering a huge loss incurred by the ‘exploding’ Galaxy Note 7. Samsung needed a third device to aid in controlling the damage and restore the brand’s reputation.

With the Mini still having its appeal on the consumers, Samsung may just be able to pull it off with the Galaxy S7 Mini. The more important question is will the rumours be right this time round?