Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Targets Anti-Edge Consumers

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Curved display on the sides eliminates the need of bezels and this is now the norm in Samsung’s camp. The latest Galaxy S8 features curved display on its sides thus giving off an exclusive appearance.

Even so, not everyone can be pleased with this offering as some still favor a traditional flat display without any gimmicks. You can’t please everyone with a single offering hence Samsung has moved forward in ensuring that the upcoming Galaxy S8 Active is able to fill those needs.

While not official yet, a new leak has surfaced and it shows the Galaxy S8 Active having a flat screen panel which can appeal to the anti-Edge consumers. The screen is said to have QHD resolution and power will come from a 4,000mAh battery.

It is an insane setup and one that may also imply longevity. The details are being reserved for the S8 Active’s unveiling next month but you can already check out the phone’s design through the image embedded below.

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