Samsung Galaxy S8 All-Set To Match Apple iPhone 7

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Fixed storage space on smartphones is something many are not fond off as it would take away the flexibility of having a spare storage card whenever memory gets full. However, storage space anxiety is no longer existent due to storage sizes getting larger with every new phone released.

The latest iPhone 7 took it to a whole new level when it arrived with a whopping 256GB of storage space. The iPhone 7 is the only device with such offering at the moment but it will soon face stiff competition from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Reports have surfaced earlier today and they are claiming that the Galaxy Note 8 will be coming out with a special variant called Emperor. The Note 8 Emperor will be exactly like the standard Note 8 but it will feature 256GB of fixed storage space.

If the reports are right, we are fully expecting the Note 8 Emperor to retail at $1000, just like how it is with the iPhone 7 256GB. More details on this will surface when the Note 8 gets unveiled at the end of August.