Samsung Galaxy S8 Gives Into Latest Camera Trend

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If there is one thing we have yet to see coming from Samsung, it is a dual-camera setup on their flagship phones. We raise this point because the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is now being linked to getting dual-cameras.

The word is that Samsung is working to order two different camera processors which strongly suggests on the development of a device with dual cameras. If this is true, then the future S8 is bound to debut with such feature and we can’t imagine the photography quality that will come with the device.

Think about it. The Galaxy S7 is already a remarkable device in the field of photography and having dual camera can only double that standard.

Other mentioned features that are coming to the Galaxy S7 include pressure sensitive display and removable batteries. If the rumours are right, then the Galaxy S8 can easily make us forget about the iPhones and of course, the failed Galaxy Note 7.