Samsung Galaxy S8: Gold No Longer An Exclusive?

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One of the most anticipated smartphones this year is the Samsung Galaxy S8. The successor to the Galaxy S7 is expected to make its official unveiling within weeks from now but we don’t have to wait until then if we want to know about the color options with the S8.

A leak surfaced earlier today and it provides a preview on the color choices that will come with the S8. As how it is pictured below, you can see that there is black, white, grey, silver, blue and gold.

The surprising part is actually with the color gold. This particular option has always been sold as a special variant version of the flagship phone from Samsung hence seeing it being line-up with the ordinary colors raised our eyebrows.

But of course, we could be mistaking the gold for yellow. The picture is not is low resolution thus making it hard to tell but if our hunch is right, then there may not be a gold-plated Galaxy S8 coming out this year.