Samsung Galaxy S8: HDR Low-Blow Left Unaddressed!

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Samsung has always nailed it when it comes to offering revolutionary features on their flagship phones but the quality of those features have always end up getting questioned by the users.

This is happening again for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and it involves the feature Youtube HDR. The aim of this new feature is to offer a more enhanced video experience on YouTube but it is apparently broken on the S8.

On our S8, YouTube HDR offers superb colour reproduction and contrast but unstable framerates completelty ruins what otherwise would be a state-of-the-art feature.

Many have filed a complaint at Samsung on the framerate issue with YouTube HDR and a fix is still not available for the feature. The slow addressing off the issue implies that Samsung is not taking it seriously and this has left S8 users in a state of anger.

Samsung better act fast or they will get caught in yet another controversy. We are pretty sure the South Korean firm wants to avoid that at all cost.