Samsung Galaxy S8: Making iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 Edge Look Dull

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Because most smartphones no longer fall between 4.0 to 5.0 inches, their screen-to-body ratios have become more important than ever. As such, bezels are considered sin to the extent that folks are willing to give up front-facing speakers.

More than ever, folks want large screens, but they also want to be able to fit their devices into their pockets and wrap them with protective covers without adding too much bulk.

Samsung knows this, which is why the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship is going to sport what is known as the Infinity Display. What that basically means is that would practically be bezel-less.

At this point, anyone who’s been following the latest mobile news would know that, but what they don’t know is how the Galaxy S8 would look alongside Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S7 Edge and its closest rival iPhone 7.

Well, thanks to a new leak out of China courtesy of Slash Leaks, we can see that the Galaxy S8 would make its predecessor and Apple’s current flagship look like old news.

And the best part of this leak is that it shows the three devices in their most mundane, so we get a realistic picture of how they would appear side-by-side right in front of out eyes.

We think the bezel-less design of the Galaxy S8 works really well. What do you think? Do you think its new look is a visual downgrade?