Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini Can Punish Sony For Its Lapses

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A vast majority of smartphones today features a display that is larger than 5 inches and this has constricted the consumers that prefer something smaller. There are still some small-screen Android-powered choices around but their underwhelming specs have scared away the consumers.

In this niche market, the majority wants a small phone but with flagship specs. Sony has been offering small but powerful phones for so long now but even they have lost it when they launched the Xperia X Compact.

The latter relies on above average hardwares hence making it a mediocre phone. This is a lapse on Sony’s end because if their small products are to run on flagship hardwares, they can enjoy greater sales like how it was with the Xperia Z3 Compact.

So if Samsung is to approve on the development of the Galaxy S8 Mini, we can’t help but to assume that the phone will end up as an instant success. The S8 Mini can have flagship specs all-while accommodating to the small-screen users.

But of course, there has yet to be any official word on the Galaxy S8 Mini’s production. If the rumors are right, we can expect to see the S8 Mini spanking Sony in the market.