Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini: More Signs Point To Development

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is currently the world’s newest and bestselling Android-powered flagship device and it is easy to understand why. The device is equipped with the best hardwares around and it is also more elegant than rival devices.

Despite being offered with a larger display with curve feature, the setup does not appeal to everyone as there are some that would prefer having flagship specs on a smaller device. The only problem for these consumers is that their choices are limited to the iPhone SE.

It wasn’t like these 3 years ago because back then, there was a Mini variant of a flagship Samsung smartphone. If Samsung wants the S8 to conquer every corner of the smartphone market, they should know better that an S8 Mini is needed.

Today, the rumors are indicating that the Galaxy S8 Mini is now a work in progress and Samsung decided to agree to development after seeing a surge in sales on their midmarket devices. Most midrange phones that are doing well feature a display that is smaller than 5”.

Seeing that there is still a demand for smaller phones, Samsung is convinced that the S8 Mini can push volume sales into new heights. But of course, the above is based on rumors and you should take it with a grain of salt. Should the S8 Mini happen?