Samsung Galaxy S8: No Fix Coming For Missing Fast Charge!

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Fast Charge is viewed as a must have feature on a flagship Samsung device so when the feature turned into an absentee on the Galaxy S8, it left the users in fury.

Many S8 users are complaining over the fact that the Fast Charge feature tends to appear and disappear whenever they are charging the phone. Many believed that this is a software bug but the reality of it is that Samsung is protecting the S8’s battery.

It was confirmed earlier today that the disappearing Fast Charge will only happen when the user operates on his phone while plugged in. It is just like any other devices with a rapid charging feature.

The move here is to prevent overheating the batteries due to heavier power consumption hence a software tweak has been introduced to the Galaxy S8. It is also fully acceptable from Samsung, especially after witnessing the exploding Note 7 nightmare from last year.