Samsung Galaxy S8: Same Measurements, Larger Screens?

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About a week ago, a casing that is believed to be for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 got released and it gives us a rough idea on what the flagship smartphone will have to offer. According to the leak, the S8 will measure similarly to the S7 but it will be a lot wider than before.

Today, this is being backed up by EVLeaks when Evan Blass revealed that the S8 will have a display that specifically measures at 5.8”. As for the S8 Plus, the phone will have a 6.2” display. Both devices will operate on QHD and the screens are SAMOLED.

Evan Blass has got a great track record for being accurate with his findings hence we could see such an outcome with the Samsung Galaxy S8. The upcoming flagship phone is expected to make its debut next month and only then can we confirm on the above. Are you pleased with what you are hearing so far?