Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung Is Missing The Point!

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Earlier today, a Tweet brought out an image of a casing for a smartphone and this comes with the caption ‘Samsung Galaxy S8’. If you have yet to see it, we have embedded the Tweet below for your viewing.

We can’t tell on how accurate the leak is but considering that DforDesign has got a great track record for being spot on with its findings, the picture above is likely to be true. The caption reads,

“According to my glass provider there won’t be a flat version, only S8 and S8 Plus”

If so, then we can easily say that Samsung is missing the point with the Galaxy S8. This is because there is still a huge demand for a flat smartphone. The majority of Galaxy S7 Edge users have made it clear that they bought the device for the bigger screen and battery, not for the Edge.

Samsung needs to offer a flat S8 alongside the S8 with the curved display because it is what the market wants. Having every unit built with an Edge screen will only limit the market for Samsung.