Samsung Galaxy S8: Timely Update The Only Flaw Against Pixel 2!

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Ever since Google halted the Nexus program and started the Pixel movement, there have been many debates on if the flagship devices from Google truly is the new benchmark in the smartphone world?

There is no certain answer to this but if you ask us, we would say that the title still belongs to Samsung. Despite the Pixel 2 being a great device in its own rights, the Galaxy S8 is still our pick for best Android flagship from 2017.

The S8 beats the Pixel 2 on every plane and the list includes performance, cameras, software features as well as hardware features. There is only but one department where the S8 is severely behind the Pixel 2 and it is with software update.

It cannot be avoided as the Pixel 2 is a product of Google hence it is only right for the phone to be first in getting an Android update. While the S8 may also get the same software update, many would prefer it if Samsung delivers the firmware upgrade faster instead of being snail-pace about it.

Just take Android 8 Oreo as an example. The firmware was launched about 8-months ago and it was only last week when Samsung delivered the update to the unlocked S8 and S8+ here in the US. If Samsung can reduce the wait for the update, it can hand the Pixels some serious spanking.