Samsung Galaxy S8: Too Many Strings Attached On Battery Claims

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About a year ago, back when Samsung brought out the Galaxy S8, they made a big claim on the phone’s battery and it is that the device can retain 95% of its battery life after 2 years.

Smartphones are technically heavy battery consumers and it often leads to rapid degradation of the power unit. So when Samsung made such a claims, it signifies a massive improvement in battery technology. But how is this claim holding up today?

While it may not be 2 years of age yet, you should know that Galaxy S8’s battery life has fallen to 91% of the original duration. But before you blast Samsung for missing their mark, you should know that our S8 is filled with numerous heavy applications which would require greater power need.

The obvious says that Samsung’s claim was made with the S8 being in factory form or else there is no possible way to retain 95% battery efficiency. There are too many external factors to consider in order to prove Samsung’s claim true but 91% with power-hungry apps is enough to convince us.