Samsung Galaxy S8: Where Art Thou?

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The Galaxy S8 is the next flagship smartphone to come from Samsung and it is highly likely to make an impactful debut. This cannot be helped as the S8 needs to be good enough that people can start forgetting about the exploding Note 7 batteries from last year.

The S8 is linked to many things like VR support out of the box, a side-curved display, the latest processors, dual-cameras and also a brand new UI. On top of it all, the S8 is poised to come with removable batteries and microSD slot.

Everything sure sounds promising for the S8 but nobody but Samsung knows when the smartphone will get released. It is a question that begs to be answered and if the release pattern is followed, then we can expect the S8 to arrive somewhere in March this year.

The rumours may have been claiming that the S8 is going to arrive in February to hasten the need to cover up the mess caused by 2017 but that is unlikely to happen. If next month is to see the debut of the S8, we should be seeing some teasers already but that is not the case at all.

March still looks like the best time for Samsung to launch the S8 as it will be around the same time rival smartphone manufacturers will launch their flagship product.