Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Only Be Large In Size

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Very soon from now, Samsung is going to pull the curtains off the Galaxy S8 and many can’t wait for it. The masses are curious to see what the S8 will have to offer and they are already thrilled by what they are hearing from popular leakers.

The S8 is heavily linked to getting a number of new features and it will also be larger in size. Leakers all agreed that the S8 will share the same length with the S7 but it will have a wider screen. But size is not just about the display of the S8.

A recent tease from Samsung revealed that they too are going to pump up the volume of the S8’s production. Samsung said that their market data sees a greater demand in the S8 than the S7 hence the production volume is going to get bigger.

Among the features that are said to come with the S8 includes an augmented reality wearable, refined VR support and the S-Pen. It may sound too far-fetched but some reports are claiming a brand new S-Pen that will work together with augmented reality wearable for greater productivity.

With so many great things being linked to the S8, it explains why there is a strong hype surrounding the phone. But of course, we can’t confirm on all of the features above – at least until Samsung brings the S8 out of hiding.