Samsung Galaxy S9 At Risk Of Replicating LG Bootloop Fiasco?

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The all-new Samsung Galaxy S9 is easily the best Android flagship smartphone in the world right now but this is not to say that the device is immune to software-related problems.

Much like every other phone on this planet, the S9 has its own set of software issues but none of them are more threatening than the GPU Stability Bug. The bug was identified by tech enthusiasts from XDA and they revealed that it can cause the S9 to reboot via remote means and this is a major issue that needs immediate addressing.

Aside from the harm which the bug does to the hardware, it also makes the S9 less secure and vulnerable to other related software attacks. Another potential happening is the S9 getting caught in a bootloop issue – something that has led LG into a massive downfall.

We are no tech experts here so if you want to learn more about the bug, you can check out the report at XDA. What can say is that Samsung should act quickly or risk their strong position in the market.