Samsung Galaxy S9 To End Dual-SIM Deprivation In Old Continent

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Smartphones with a dual-SIM slot can be pretty useful as they offer users the ability to operate on two different carriers. Aside from that, the ability to slot another SIM card can really help when travelling abroad which often sees travellers buying a local prepaid.

This particular feature is particularly favoured in Asia and soon, it will turn into a norm here in Europe. Unlike how it is elsewhere in the world, only selected countries in Europe which truly accommodate phones with dual-SIM.

In most countries, it is really difficult to find a dual-SIM phone at a nearby retailer thus limiting the purchasing option to online purchases. Even then, consumers will have to rely on third-party online merchants which normally do not come with proper warranty.

It may not be in demand yet but a growing number of consumers would love having a power ‘DUO’ smartphone. Samsung has probably realized this and they have decided to share that the Galaxy S9 with dual-SIM configuration will be sold in Europe alongside the standard S9.

This means that you will no longer need to go through extreme measures to get a good phone with dual-SIM ability. The Galaxy S9 will cater to your needs once it gets released.