Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: A Sarcastic Treat For Galaxy Note Fans?

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Are you looking for a device that has a large display? Is balance in user experience and productivity an important thing for you? Well, if the answer is yes, then you should avoid the Samsung Galaxy Note Series and go get yourself a nice tablet.

We don’t mean to undermine the Note phones with provocative questions that are commonly raised by the Apple fanboys but the above is probably what Samsung is thinking of already.

After seeing the Note 7 causing huge damages late last year, Samsung has pledged to go gung-ho this year in a bid to regain the trust of the consumers. Today, we learned that the Galaxy Tab S3 will be the next major device to come from Samsung, right before the arrival of the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has teased on this when they released a sketch of a mysterious slate earlier today with the date, February 26. Many major tech heads confirmed that the sketch is the Tab S3 and it shows the home button portion of the device.

But then again, one of our readers talked to us and revealed that he believe the teaser image above is actually showing off the charging port located at one side of the phone. Above the charging port is phone’s frontal border and the fact that there is no bottom line suggests that the Tab S3 will have a curved display.

It is a plausible outcome and if it is true, then Samsung could be calling for the Note 7 fans to adopt the Tab S3 as a replacement for the Galaxy Note 7. But then again, this can sound sarcastic as the Tab S3 will be large in size and have the right balance in productivity and user experience.