Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Filling In For The Note 7?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a highly attractive smartphone but the faulty battery that comes with the device ruined it all for everyone. This is very unfortunate because every Note 7 buyers really like the device and they don’t experience the same level of satisfaction with the replacement phone – the S7.

The Note fans really love a large display smartphone with productivity tools such as the S-Pen, something which the S7 can never offer. Samsung is aware of the void left by the Note 7 and they are now looking to compensate with a much larger device.

Like how it is mentioned in the title above, the device is the Galaxy Tab S3. The large tablet was teased earlier today and it is expected to get unveiled at the end of this month. While the teaser image doesn’t tell much about the slate, we are expecting the tablet to come with a curved display.

If you are to observe the photo closely, you will see that the circular object on the sketch is the charging port thus the borderless bottom suggests a curve display. Perhaps Samsung can throw in the S-Pen into the mix to make up some ground after losing out on the Note 7.

This is why we feel that the Tab S3 is going to fill in for the Note 7 but this is just our opinion on the matter. If it comes true, how will you react to the Tab S3?