Samsung Laughs Away Galaxy Note 8 Fears

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After seeing the Galaxy Note 7 coming out with a faulty, exploding battery, many are expecting for the Galaxy Note series to get axed by Samsung permanently. This means that there isn’t going to be a Galaxy Note 8 coming out this year and the void left by it will be replaced by something different.

While it all sounds plausible, the above is nothing more than speculations made by the majority of the consumers. The minority still believes that the Note 8 will get developed this year and it will come out as if the Note 7 fiasco didn’t happen.

The minority may also be right because Samsung is not badly affected by the Note 7’s failures. While they may be at full fault for it, Samsung has recorded the highest Q4 profit in 3 years for 2016.

This is really surprising as Q4 is also the period where the Note 7 started causing damage and injuries worldwide. With Samsung being financially unaffected, the Note 8 may just get developed and released in Q3 this year.