Samsung Note 8: Dead Charging Now With A Workaround!

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be described as one of the best smartphones to arrive last year but this does not free it from any production faults. Much like its predecessor, the Note 7, the new Note 8 is facing an issue with the battery.

The good news here is that there are no cases of exploding batteries with the Note 8. As for the bad news, the problem sees the battery pack refusing to charge once it has emptied.

Early adopters of the Note 8 have made this issue known but Samsung has yet to offer a fix for it. This leaves users with only one option left and that is to send their phone back to the carrier for checking.

Such a method can be quite a hassle since the level of service provided to aftersales issue is never satisfying. Well, you can now avoid this for good as there is a way to recharge your Galaxy Note 8.

One Note 8 user shared his workaround and we found it to work on our Note 8 flawlessly. The trick is to plug the charger cable into the Note 8 until the screen shows the charging symbol. Once done, unplug the charger cable and replug it in again. Repeat the cycle until you achieve 5% and the Note 8 will then charge to full as per normal.

Such a method really works but it may damage your phone’s charging port. Hence, we would advise you to perform the unplugging via the adapter and not on the port.