Samsung S9 Can’t Rely On Popularity To Beat HTC U12

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Samsung has already brought out the Galaxy S9 and like previous Galaxy S-phones, the device has turned into a bestseller in the market. However, you should not view the S9’s success as an indicator for a pleasant flagship experience.

The S9 may be packed with all the features a traditional consumer would love but it is unlikely to score big in one particular department – software support. If you are to look at the previous flagship, the Galaxy S8, the phone can be said as the last major flagship to receive Android Oreo.

Samsung is extremely slow when it comes to updating their device and a growing number of consumers are beginning to realize this. For HTC, they see this as a glorious opportunity to recover from their slumping financials.

The Taiwanese tech firm made the first move by releasing Android Oreo to the old HTC 10 a full month faster than the Galaxy S8 hence suggesting that the upcoming U12 is bound to receive Android P many months ahead of the Galaxy S9.

Samsung must realize this threat by now and they will need to work on releasing updates swiftly with the S9 or risk losing a portion of their users.