Samsung W2018: Did Inspiration Come From Microsoft?

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The image above is a product sketch that was trademarked by Microsoft and it was widely believed to be the rumoured Surface Phone.

Microsoft has been linked to use the Surface nameplate in the smartphone market with the aim of producing devices that are tailored for maximum productivity. This technically explains why the rumoured Surface Phone has got a ‘flip’ setup with touchscreen being the way on both sides.

The idea will surely be able to replicate the success of the Surface Pro tablets and we are certain that it will acquire a large number of interested consumers.

However, Microsoft is still pending to show any official material and this explains why the hype surrounding the Surface Phone has died. Such delays has also allowed rival Samsung to take inspiration from the Surface Phone to develop a prototype of their future flagships.

Like the sketch above, Samsung has brought out a flip phone concept called the W2018 and it is said to have the ability to function like a tablet when the call for productivity comes. Should the W2018 turn into a hit, it may have a negative impact on Microsoft smartphone plans.