Samsung Winner Can Solve Galaxy Mini Crisis!

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How long has it been since Samsung produced a Mini version of their Galaxy S smartphone? We personally can’t recall but if there’s one thing we are certain about, there is still a large crowd desiring for a compact version of Samsung’s flagships.

There is still strong demand for a small, overpowered Android device and one may wonder why Samsung is not conquering this niche market by launching the Galaxy S9 Mini.

Well, the reason could be down to a Winner which Samsung is currently working on. To be more precise, Samsung has officially changed the name of their upcoming foldable phone to Winner. The device is expected to arrive in Q4 this year and it is expected to be the first smartphone to have a foldable screen.

While the details are not out yet, rumors are teasing on the display being about 4” in size – something that is fitting for a Mini phone. When unfolded, the Winner can function as a compact tablet.

It’s an idea that has been in the works for a long while now and we can’t wait to check out the device in its final form. The Winner can certainly fill in for the Mini when folded but we do wonder if the thickness of the device will become its kryptonite.