Samsung Woes Relieved By Galaxy S7 Edge Award

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Samsung’s financial pocket has been busted wide open following the Galaxy Note 7 nightmare launch. The South Korean tech giant suffered huge losses because of the ‘exploding’ Galaxy Note 7 and they are now looking to make an immediate financial recovery in the tech market.

The signs are beginning to look good for Samsung as the problematic Note 7 got the consumers opting for the Galaxy S7 instead. Sales of the S7 experienced an incline last month and this helps provide a little patch on the red financial figures.

Today, things got a lot better for Samsung when the firm came out on top to pick up the manufacturer of the year award. Despite the fiasco caused by the Note 7, Samsung managed to outdo Apple and other rival companies to claim the award.

Well, the credits fully belong to the Galaxy S7 Edge, which received the most votes by members of the public. The S7 Edge is regarded as the best smartphone for this year and it single-handedly pushed Samsung to victory.