Snapdragon 845: Procrastinating Defeat By Preying On Apple A9

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 is about to get replaced with a newer and better chipset – the Snapdragon 845. This particular SoC is expected to get adopted by Android-powered flagship phones from next year and today, we can get a rough idea on how powerful it is.

It was reported today that the Snapdragon 845 is now being tested by Geekbench4. The processor benchmark test saw the 845 completing its first challenge with great aplomb as it scores 2600 for the single core test.

This makes it faster than the Apple A9 on the single-core front and Qualcomm couldn’t be happier for it. While the benchmark score is commendable, we feel that comparing it with the Apple A9 chipset makes Qualcomm look desperate.

The A9 chips are pretty old today and it is worth noting that Apple is about to launch the A11 chips tomorrow. This particular processor is said to be the fastest one around and its advanced processing speed will make the chips from Qualcomm looking prehistoric.