Sony Response To Samsung Galaxy A8, The XA2!

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The midrange smartphone scene is about to get a whole lot more interesting this year as Sony had just announced on the XA2. The successor to the XA1 promises some big upgrades and we have to say that they sound a lot more promising than Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy A8.

So, how good is the XA2 going to be? The phone is made for the midmarket hence it will have an affordable MSRP of about $330.

For that amount of money, you will get a 5.2” Full HD display, NFC, fingerprint reader at the back panel, small bezels, USB Type-C, Android Oreo out of the box, refined software-hardware integration, Snapdragon 630 and a large 3300mAh battery.

What puts the XA2 on direct competition with the Galaxy A8 is the emphasis on front-facing camera. A preview of the front camera suggests on the availability of OIS that can capture better photo quality.

Sony teased the XA2 to be a selfie phone hence making the comparison with the Samsung Galaxy A8 all the more legit. Once we get the XA2, we will bring to you a full-on comparison with the A8 so stay tuned.