Sony Xperia Play 2 Won’t Happen, Here’s Why

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Back in 2011, Sony Mobile did the unthinkable by launching the ultimate gaming smartphone around. It is called the Xperia Play and the device is equipped with a physical controller that is accessible via slide.

Despite having strong support from Sony PlayStation and access to the PlayStation store, the Xperia Play never really managed to turn into a big volume seller and this is due to a number of faults with the phone. Some that are worth mentioning include poor battery life and limited storage.

Now, the smartphone realm is welcoming more ‘gaming phones’ and the latest one is the ASUS ROG. The ROG came out running on an overclocked Snapdragon 845 to offer users immense speed for gaming purposes. The release of the ASUS ROG has got many questioning if there’s going to be an Xperia Play 2.

The answer to this is a big no, even when Sony has got the capabilities and resources to pull-off the ultimate gaming phone. This is solely because of the fact that consumers prioritizes smartphone function ahead of gaming function.

Having a pure game-tuned device can drag the smartphone experience down with massive device thickness and clunky storage. Sony must have learned the mistake with the original Xperia Play hence they are unlikely to repeat it by developing the Play 2.

Last but not least, it is worth noting that gaming enthusiasts are more willing to have a good smartphone and a mobile gaming tool being separate device. It’s just better that way.