Sony Xperia XZ Premium Spearheads Oreo Makeover!

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Sony may not be the biggest name in the smartphone industry but they are on the right track to getting a lot of love from the consumers. Aside from launching more exciting devices this year, Sony has apparently moved faster with software updates.

If you can recall the time when Google launched Android 8.0 Oreo, Sony revealed that they will start rolling out the OS upgrade to their existing devices in December this year. Well, it appears that Sony is ahead of schedule as they have commenced the rollout earlier today.

Sony made a press release on their website about it and the first phone to get Android 8.0 is the Xperia XZ Premium. By the start of November next month, Sony will push out the Oreo upgrade to their other supporting devices.

We never expected this to happen and we have to give credits where it is due. If Sony keeps this up, their after-sales support may push them into becoming a massive player in the smartphone industry like how it was in the pre-smartphone era.