Sony Xperia XZ Premium vs OnePlus 5T: Which Is Best?

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If you have $500 to spend on a new and unlocked smartphone, you are probably looking at the OnePlus 5T. The latter is the latest device from OnePlus and it has got the hardwares to compete with the best flagship phones of this year.

There is no doubting the performance of the OnePlus 5T but we would still snub it for the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. The latter is more expansive than the 5T but the ongoing holiday promotions have resulted in prices touching a new low of $550.

This is about the same price of the OnePlus 5T and there are plenty of advantages into getting the XZ Premium. Sony may not be the biggest smartphone manufacturer around but they have never failed in offering the highest quality with their products.

Our recent take on the XZ Premium has convinced us that the phone has got better build quality than the OnePlus 5T. Also, just like any other phones from Sony, the XZ Premium offers the best software-hardware integration. This means that the XZ Premium is one of the smoothest phones you can buy right now and the device is operating Android Oreo.

The OnePlus 5T is a great device in its own rights but it is not running on Oreo and OnePlus’ bad track record with software updates may hurt the overall user experience. As such, our vote here is with the Sony Xperia XZ Premium unless you can convince us otherwise.