Sony Xperia XZ2 Has 6GB RAM But Not For Stateside!

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After finding success with the Xperia XZ1, Sony has moved on to develop the XZ2 and the upcoming phone has already got its specs released online.

On the numbers, the XZ2 is pretty much what we expect from an Android-powered flagship for this year but this is before we realized that Sony could have offered more with the phone.

A report on XperiaBlog confirmed earlier today that there is a variant of the stock Xperia XZ2 that is equipped with 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB like how it is for the Europe and US-bound model.

The XZ2 with 6GB is being developed for specific markets and it is viewed as a necessary upgrade due to the overwhelming demand for large RAM count in those areas. It is also worth noting that the selected markets are all in Asia.

It may not be a problem if Sony decides to sell the XZ2 with 6GB of RAM across every region but the fact that they are not doing so has placed the company on negative light.

Some consumers have pointed out that they are no longer interested in the XZ2 as they don’t want to buy a lesser device when knowing that a stronger variant is being sold elsewhere. Will this mean trouble for the Japanese tech giant?