Sony Xperia XZ3: Should You Skip XZ2?

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The Xperia XZ2 may be the next big thing to come from Sony this year but word has it that 2018 will witness the release of two flagship phones from the Japanese tech giant. If so, this means that we may also see the XZ3 coming out this year and it may end up being the most refined Xperia yet.

We say so because the information on the XZ2 has confirmed that Sony is finally following the tech trend in the Android realm. Among them includes the use of a fingerprint scanner, having dual-lens cameras and QHD screen as the basic offering for a flagship device.

All three of these will feature on the XZ2 and the XZ3 – if the reports are to be believed. The added advantage with the XZ3 is that it may feature some extras such as a bezel-less variant to compete with the best of Samsung and Apple.

The XZ3 will also be in bigger varieties to cater to every corner of the market. If the XZ3 is truly coming out in near proximity with the XZ2, we can expect it to have the more refined performance hence it is perhaps to hold off from buying an XZ2 until the end of this year.