Sony Xperia Z5 Successor Could Be An Oversized Smartphone

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The rumours are rife in claiming that Sony is doing away with the Xperia Z-Series and it will restart its mobile conquest with the Xperia X-Series. The next Xperia device will bear the alphabet X and it will be replacing the latest Sony Xperia Z5.

It is also suggested that Sony will only produce a single smartphone model a year and like the last Z5, the next device will come out in three different sizes. Today, a leak image shows an unknown device from Sony and the rumours are claiming it to be the successor for the Z5.

Judging from the leaked image above, we can see that the smartphone features a large screen that is probably about 6” in size. The bezels are really narrow but the forehead and chin are long. Speaking of which, the top of the phone features a large camera sensor that is positioned next to a front-facing flash unit.

The details on the device are certainly scarce at the moment but we can expect more details from Sony on the smartphone soon. After all, the Japanese tech giant is still pending to introduce their 2016 flagship device that will be going against the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and LG G5.