Sony Xperia Z6: Someone Said Controller?

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The Sony Xperia X is a great expansive phone to own and it is not a flagship device for the Japanese tech giant. It is understood that many people have chosen to believe that the flagship Z-Series is merely taking a swift break so that they can be unique again, hence, the birth of the Xperia X.

If the rumours are to be referred to, the Xperia Z6 is already in development and it is scheduled to arrive next year. The device will come out with the best specs at that time, together with some revolutionary features.

The word is that the Xperia Z6 will be able to function as a controller for the PlayStation Brand. If you are thinking it as an alternative controller for the PS4, you are wrong. It is actually a controller for VR headsets, notably the PSVR.

Of course, the above is based on rumours and it should be taken with a grain of salt but it does sound plausible in our eyes. The PSVR is already an available product and all it needs is some integration and exposure to function perfectly. What do you think?