Sony XZ Premium vs OnePlus 5T: Which Is Fastest?

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Normally, when we compare phones, we dwell into things like design, functionality, build quality, camera quality, features and performance. Today, we are going to keep it brief when comparing the Sony XZ Premium with the OnePlus 5T as our scope is just pure speed.

Both phones are some of the best creations in 2017 but they are rarely compared to one another. Well, we have taken that initiative to bring the speed test to light due to seeing a number of consumers having trouble choosing between the XZ Premium and the OnePlus 5T.

Both devices are pretty similar on the specs sheet, although the advantage is with the OnePlus 5T since the phone has got 8GB of RAM. The XZ Premium is pretty insignificant on this front as it has 4GB of RAM.

But RAM count won’t matter if the software-hardware integration is poor. So which device is faster? You can find out in the video below.