Steam Machine Axed On Steam, What Went Wrong?

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For the majority of the past decade, Valve has been busy with the development of Steam Machine. Dubbed as a gaming-only PC, the Steam Machine made its debut in 2014 and things have gone awfully quiet since then.

Today, many have assumed Steam Machine to be a dead offering in the market and this is especially after Valve removed the product from Steam. So, what went wrong?

If we have to put our finger on it, Steam Machine’s management was really poor and it led to its demise. The first crumbling point is with the fact that Steam Machine is offered in numerous configurations and most of them costs more than a PC with similar capabilities.

Seeing that one of the main purposes of Steam Machine is to tempt console gamers into the realm of PC gaming, the over-diverse configurations has made it more tedious for the gamers to make the switch. The disadvantage of Steam Machine amplified when PC gamers don’t see the point of getting the product as they can get more for less in their master race program.

Sure, Steam Machine may have exceeded expectations on certain grounds such as being considerably smaller than consoles yet having more power to offer but what’s the point of that when the machine is not mobile like laptops.

With all these variables combined, we are not surprise to label Steam Machine as failures – even if they are not the reason for the deletion of Steam Machine on Steam.