Super Mario Run Halted On Apple App Store!

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Yes, you read that right. Nintendo’s Super Mario Run is no longer available on the Apple App Store and we can confirm this after going through our iPhone today. On the Google Play Store however, Super Mario Run is still available for download. What gives?

Nintendo has made no mentions on the removal of Super Mario Run but the obvious says that this is only temporary. This is because there won’t be a point for Nintendo to start an in-game event a few days ago that will last until the 14 of September.

Since the disappearance is only on the App Store, we believe that the issue is with Apple. The App Store is usually stricter than the Play Store, so it could be Apple asked Nintendo to make a change to the app.

But of course, this is just pure speculations from our end. We will update you once Super Mario Run goes back online at the App Store or if there is any official word on its disappearance.