T-Mobile Galaxy S7 Unlocked Padlock Does Not Imply Bootloader-Unlocked!

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Several Samsung Galaxy S7 owners on the T-Mobile network revealed online that their device suddenly restarted and it the way it booted up is not ordinary at all.

The word is that the S7 started with the “Samsung powered by Android” splash screen that features an unlocked padlock icon with the word “Custom” underneath it. The incident got several tech fans claiming it is the unlocked bootloader that T-Mobile is planning to offer.

Unfortunately, it is not. It is also not a carrier unlocking glitch that some users are speculating. The unlocked padlock logo symbolized that some data changes have occurred and it will cause a sudden restart.

Our tech expert has tested out the S7 from T-Mobile with the unlocked padlock logo and he claims that the bootloader is still lock. Furthermore, the device won’t operate with a SIM that is not from T-Mobile.