Uncharted 4: PS4 Issues To Get Fixed Next Week?

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Uncharted 4 is a bestseller on the Sony PS4 but the multiplayer xperience is not really that satisfying to play. This cannot be helped as the multiplayer aspects of Uncharted 4 is not the complete deal when compared to other AAA games that comes with a multiplayer mode.

The good news is that the nightmarish aspects of Uncharted 4 may soon go away as Naughty Dog is about to release a major update for the game on March 17 tomorrow. The details of the update are unknown at the moment but it will be tailored for the online multiplayer mode.

Naughty Dog has teased before that they want to add in new game modes, weapons and also fixes in Uncharted 4 in a future update thus signaling that the patch which is scheduled for tomorrow is going to be huge.

If you are an Uncharted 4 fan, this is a time to be excited and you can play the game tomorrow and anticipate the update happening. We will update here again once we have received a changelog for the game.