Vertu: Senseless Offering Puts The Final Nail On The Coffin

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It is over. Vertu has completely collapsed and the announcement was made loud and clear earlier today.

For those that have never heard of Vertu, the smartphone manufacturer sells Android-powered devices but their products are not like those you see at the tech store. The phones produced by Vertu are all equipped with flagship hardwares but they come with something extra. It is luxuries.

Vertu built their phones with premium materials and they also threw in an exclusive call center that will serve the user like a butler. However, not everyone can enjoy this package and this is due the Vertu phones being priced at $30,000 on average.

It is a high calling fee and knowing that tech hardwares on smartphones are not long-lasting, we don’t see how selling a $30,000 Android phone can last. The end of Vertu is expected by the masses and it has finally happened. Goodbye Vertu.