Waze Android Auto: Delays Caused By Privacy Breaching Feature?

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Back in 2016, the developers at Waze revealed that the map application will be integrated on Android Auto but this will happen very late. The developers didn’t provide any explanation for it but they are fully expecting Waze to be ready for Android Auto by Q1 this year.

Well, Q1 is already behind us and there is still no sign of Waze on Android Auto. It got us wondering on what could possibly be taking Google so long in adding Waze on Android Auto?

If a research from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business is to be referred to, Waze is being delayed because of the potential revenue it can offer when integrated on Android Auto.

In detail, Google wants Waze to come with a data collecting feature that can continuously record the way the driver drives his car. It will create a virtual profile for the driver thus allowing Google to identify what the driver needs at any point of time. A separate system will then hold a live auction to advertizers so that they can promote a relevant product directly at the Waze-user.

It sounds pretty complex and if this is true, Google is looking at a massive income opportunity with Waze on Android Auto. But on the other hand, will such a feature ruin the driving experience?