Why Microsoft Is Delaying Surface Phone To 2018

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The rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone is something which many tech enthusiasts would love to see happening but it just won’t be taking shape this year. This is despite of the fact that the signs are all pointing to a 2017 release for the Surface Phone.

The reason why the Surface Phone won’t arrive this year is because of the fact that the phone will need to offer some extraordinary tech features which can leave a big impact in the tech world. For Microsoft, they want the Surface Phone to have Windows operating on ARM.

This was even teased by an employee from Microsoft when he revealed in an interview that a Windows-ARM smartphone is being planned for 2018 or 2019. This leaves a void in 2017 and Microsoft has got no interest to do anything in the smartphone market this year.

Perhaps, it is a wise decision since 2017 is bound to become the most competitive year in the tech industry. Apple will be celebrating a milestone with the iPhones and Samsung would want to pick themselves back from the Note 7 fiasco. Hence, 2018 would be more ideal for the Surface Phone to happen.