Why The Google Nexus 6P Is Perfect For You

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The latest Google Nexus 6P is a really good phone to own as it is on par with what rival flagship devices are offering. Spec-wise, the 6P is really great but when it comes to user-experience, the 6P blows the competition out of the water. So who is the 6P perfect for?

Well, it is for those that want to be the first to receive an update. Being a Nexus device, the 6P is automatically first in line when it comes to receiving updates. Then, there is the fact that the features on the Nexus 6P will remain intact as carriers can’t tweak it without permission from Google.

In addition to that, the Nexus 6P runs on stock Android OS hence it is able to offer a lightweight and fluid Android performance. The best part with this is that you will not have to face another bloat again

So, if you find the three pointers above really important when purchasing a smartphone, then you should get yourself a Nexus 6P.