Xbox One X: Marshalling Sony PS4 Pro Into The Used Market

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The Sony PS4 may be the leading gaming console of this generation but you should not write off Microsoft Xbox as a failure just yet. Sure, the original Xbox One may have been underwhelming but things have picked up pace for the Xbox brand ever since Microsoft launched the One S.

Now, Microsoft is looking to make a big comeback as they are about to launch the highly anticipated Xbox One X. Dubbed as the most powerful console of this generation, the Xbox One X is already available for pre-order and it has started making an impact to the market.

For starters, the Xbox One X has led the original Xbox One to the noose. This means that consumers can either get the One X or the One S.

The biggest surprise of them all is with the pace of pre-orders made for the Xbox One X. Across every major retailer, the Xbox One X is now out of stock hence they can’t take in anymore orders. Also, Amazon revealed that the One X has overtaken the PS4 Pro in becoming their 2017 bestseller.

The icing on the cake is with the used console market. A simple Google search for a used PS4 Pro will allow you to notice a surge in the number of gamers wishing to sell off their PS4 Pro due to strong interest for the Xbox One X.

If the trend is to keep up for the coming years, we don’t see why the current generation console wars can’t go to the wire.