Xiaomi Mi 5s Skips Google Approval For Project Treble!

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It is nearing two years since Xiaomi announced on the Mi 5s but age is not stopping the phone from making the headlines today. The Mi 5s is at it again after a recent update from Xiaomi saw the Android-powered phone being compatible with Project Treble.

Project Treble is the newest software service from Google and its purpose is to offer an easier platform for phone manufacturers to update their devices. Many tech enthusiasts are excited for Project Treble as it would mean having smartphones getting longer software support from their respective makers.

In the Mi 5s’ case, the compatibility with Project Treble was injected into the phone via unofficial means, although it is still officially from Xiaomi. This means that Google did not approve of such offering hence its appearance on the Mi 5s has confirmed that third-party project treble is possible.

The way we see it, this is a trend that will soon get picked up by rival China-based Android OEMs and we may also witness major phone manufacturers like HTC, Sony and Samsung going down the same route.