Xiaomi Mi 6: Vanilla Phones Can Be Bulletproof

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Vanilla Android phone is a term used to describe powerful smartphones produced by ‘unknown’ companies (mostly from China) that runs on stock Android.

These devices are fast growing in numbers and it has given birth to a number of big names in the market. Among them is Xiaomi, which had just recently released the all-new Mi 6.

Like how it is with other Vanilla devices, the Mi 6 is built with powerful hardwares but it is still more affordable to own. The only unconvinced factor is build quality, something that is preventing many individuals from adopting a Vanilla Android devices.

Well, today, we can safely say that the Mi 6 is just as good as any other mainstream phones in terms of build quality. The device had just completed a comprehensive ‘crash test’ and it fared well. You can check out the test in the video below.